Man Gets Down On One Knee To Ask Girlfriend’s Daughter If He Could Be Her Dad

A video is going viral showing the heartwarming moment a man from Oregon got down on one knee to ask his girlfriend’s daughter if he could be her dad.

When Danny Moore from Springfield finally got up the guts to propose to his girlfriend Angel Pitchford, he knew that he had a question to ask someone else as well.

After he executed his plan to ask Angel to marry him in front of a gorgeous waterfall, he put his second plan into motion when he got down on one knee to ask her girlfriend’s daughter if he could be her father.

It’s hard for some children to accept someone as their stepparent, so Danny wasHe was overjoyed when the child did not hesitate in saying yes before handing the ring to her mother to make everything official!

The moment was incredibly emotional for Angel, as she was watching her two favorite people accept each other before her eyes! Angel also got her own moment to enjoy this engagement as well!

It’s clear that these three are going to be an amazing little family! This little girl is lucky to have a stepdad who is willing to go above and beyond to make sure that she knows how loved she is.